Apprenticeship Training in Ontario: a Guide for Employers and Sponsors

Apprenticeship training produces skilled employees who will help keep your business competitive and profitable.

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Financial Incentives for Employers and Sponsors
Find out how the ministry can help lower the cost of training your apprentice. Tax credits and a signing bonus may be available to you.


Make Your Workplace More Competitive
Do you want to make your workplace more productive and competitive? Learn about the benefits of hiring an apprentice.


Get Help From an ETC
Your government is here to help. Employment and training consultants can help you through the apprenticeship training process.


Recruit Your Apprentice
Learn about hiring an apprentice for your workplace.


Register Your Apprentice
Register your apprentice with the ministry to ensure their on-the-job and classroom training are recognized.


Monitor Your Apprentice's Training
Ask for an ETC to visit your workplace. Make sure you have the right facilities and people to train your apprentice.


After Training is Complete
Keep track of the hours your apprentice has worked. Report this to the ministry when training is complete.


Improve Productivity
Employees who receive high quality training make fewer mistakes.


Financial Help for Your Apprentice
Does your apprentice need financial help to complete their training? The government can help with loans, grants or scholarships.