Canada-Ontario Job Grant (COJG)

Program Overview

Canada-Ontario Job Grant (COJG) provides opportunities for employers, individually or in groups, to invest in their workforce, with help from the government.

The Canada-Ontario Job Grant provides direct financial support to individual employers or employer consortia who wish to purchase training for their employees. It is available to small, medium and large businesses with a plan to deliver short-term training to existing and new employees.

How employers apply to COJG

Employers that wish to apply for COJG funding must complete an online COJG Employer/Consortium Application.

If you need help completing your COJG Application, please contact the Employment Ontario Contact Centre. Call toll-free (no charge): 1-800-387-5656 or through the TTY number: 1-866-533-6339.

Application Resources and Tools

Key changes to 2019-2020 Employment Ontario transfer payment agreements

New reporting requirements for Labour Market Transfer Agreement-funded Employment Ontario programs

Guidelines and Forms



Business Planning and Program Monitoring


Tools and Resources

Assessment Tool

Attestation Process

Training Provider Monitoring

EOIS-CaMS and System Updates



The Canada-Ontario Job Grant acceptance letters for employers are now available on the Employment Ontario Partners’ Gateway. Please use this business process and the acceptance letters as of today.

The business process for using the letter is as follows:

  • Enter the following information in the designated fields: application ID, date application was submitted, amount approved, contact name and address.
  • Distribute this letter, along with the employer agreement, to the employer.

Please send this letter to all employers who have been approved for a Canada-Ontario Job Grant.