Particulars of Notice of Contravention and Review Decision

S. 49 (1) Private Career Colleges Act, 2005 ("Act")

Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities
Office of the Superintendent
Private Career Colleges Branch
77 Wellesley Street West
Box 977
Toronto ON M7A 1N3

March 20, 2014

These particulars are posted following the issuance of an administrative penalty for which a review was requested. Penalties may be reviewed upon request within 15 days of receipt of a Notice of Contravention. The review decision is made considering not only the information originally available at the time the Notice of Contravention was issued, but also any new information not previously available that may have been supplied in support of the request for a review. On review, an administrative penalty may be upheld, rescinded or reduced. A review decision is final.

Original service date: March 22, 2013

CLLC – Canadian Language Learning College Inc. operating as CLLC – Canadian Language Training College and also known as CLLC
5251 Duke Street, Suite #203
Duke Tower
Halifax, Nova Scotia B3J 1P3


333 Preston Street, Suite #401
Ottawa, ON K1S 5N4

Description Original Amount Review Decision

Act, s. 11 – Restrictions on advertising and soliciting

This School was advertising itself as an unregistered private career college and advertising an unapproved teacher training program at Advertising was also present on three Facebook pages for the School. The program was advertised as comprising over 40 hours in duration at a cost exceeding $1,000.

As the unapproved program being advertised by this School was over 40 hours in duration at a cost over $1,000, the program exceeded the exemption limits under section 9 (1) of Ontario Regulation 415/06 and is therefore a vocational program.

Daily penalty of $1,000

Penalty of $1,000 per day is upheld. The penalty accumulated from March 22, 2013 to March 25, 2013 (inclusive).

The balance of evidence available indicates that CLLC was advertising an unregistered private career college and an unapproved Teacher Training Program (TTP) that required approval under the Act. This program was unique from the “English as a Second Language” program that was originally pre-screened in 2011 and determined to not require approval by the Superintendent.

Evidence indicates that CLLC was aware of the pre-screening process and should have pre-screened its TTP program if it was unsure as to whether or not it required approval under the Act.

Original penalty: $4,000
Penalty following review: $4,000

Total $4,000